Irosin Lake

Category: Natural Attraction


  • Located in barangay Patag, the lake used to be called Danao or Kamambugan by the local residents. “Kamambugan” is an archaic Bicol word that refers to a species of bamboo that used to be abundant in the place. Covering an area of 46,325 square meters, the lake is purported to have been formed as a crater of a volcano during the caldera period of Irosin’s geologic history. For the past several years, the lake was used only as a place where carabaos would dip and cool their bodies (lab-ugan, in Bicol), and occasionally, where some local residents would fish. Today, the present administration is committed to develop the eco-tourism potentials of this place. Set amid a tranquil lush vegetation with a magnificent view of Bulusan Volcano as a backdrop, Irosin Lake is an enchanting place where one can commune with nature unperturbed. Endemic flora and fauna have been identified by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and plans include the possibility of making the place as an on-site classroom for students via educational tours. Currently, the lake offers kayaking and boating activities and features amenities that include cottages, a function hall and an administration building. The Department of Agriculture is likewise currently utilizing a part of the lake for cultivation of tilapia seedlings. The present administration plans to include a joggers’ and bikers’ lane around the lake, and possibly, even a zipline.

  • Area: 46,325 SQ. M.
  • Perimeter: 1,858.252 M.
  • Distance from Irosin Poblacion: 4 km.
  • Distance from Baranggay Patag to Irosin Lake: 400 m.
  • Mode of Transportation (Accessible by most land vehicles):
    • Tricycle
      • Fare: 10.00 pesos (Commute), 60.00 pesos (Special).


Patag, Irosin, Sorsogon, Philippines