Irosin Hilltop Church

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  • Travel by bus from Manila or take a plane going to Legaspi City and 2 hours travel by van until you reach the Irosin town proper.
    • Travel time on a Tricycle from Rizal Park (Municipal Hall) is 3 minutes, with a fare of 8 pesos.
  • The church is located at the heart of the town
  • The Church is situated on a commanding hill about 100 feet above sea level and is accessible by car on a winding road or by foot by mounting a flight of 73 cemented steps. The original structure was built mostly through the polo system in 1888 when Fr. Esteban Rivera was the Parish Priest (1887-1890) and Anacleto Galarosa was the Capitan Municipal (1888-1890).  Men, women and even children from the town contributed to the construction of the church. It used to feature at least twelve long and huge wooden pillars at the center aisles, Spanish tiles and chandeliers from Taxco, Mexico. The old church was completely torn down in 1995 when Fr. Josefino Chavenia was Parish Priest, Dr. Eddie Dorotan was Municipal Mayor and Atty. Rodolfo Gonzales was the Hermano Mayor. In its place, a new modern structure was constructed.

    The church hilltop offers a commanding view of the poblacion and nearby barangays. Just beside the church is another hill which locals call Little Baguio. Its ascending steps are lined with stations of the cross and its peak, where a tomb that signifies the tomb of Christ may be found, offers a majestic view of sunset in the valley of Irosin. Little Baguio also currently hosts an ossuary.

  • St. Michael Parish is a hilltop church with 79 steps
  • Opening Time:
    • 8:00 - 11:30 AM 
    • 2:00 - 5:00 PM
  • Schedule of Services:
    • Parish Priest: Fr. Alberto Futol
    • Assistant Priest:
      • Fr. Policarpio J. Layco
      • Fr. Carlo F. Gabotero
    • Monday to Saturday except on Tuesday, Sundays & Holidays.
    • Schedule of Masses:
      • Sunday:
        • 4:30 AM
        • 6:30 AM
        • 8:30 AM
        • 4:00 PM (on St. Martin Chapel)
        • 5:30 PM
  • Number of Comfort Rooms: 2 (Two).
  • Staff: 4 people.
  • Religious souvenirs at the Cathecist Center.




San Julian, Irosin, Sorsogon, Sorsogon, Philippines